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Auto Mechanics Website Program

Our program is designed to give you "Peace of Mind". We have taken care of everything for you! Your new site is a powerful tool to increase your business and communicate with the world to let them know where you are and what times you are open. A single transaction could pay for your entire investment for the year. No one likes to loose business. Make sure you have the best with an Auto Mechanics Website. Let's review below all of the things that are included with your new site.

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Looks GREAT on every screen!!


That's right! ALL of these are included for FREE!

You will never see a bill for any of these things below. Don't be fooled, these important items are some of the BEST available! So this isn't cheap stuff. We include state of the art software with your purchase and we don't even charge you for changing your business information! We are truly dedicated to you and your business. How much could all of this possibly cost?

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* FREE website information changes
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FREE Ultimate Web Hosting
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FREE Secure Backup Storage
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FREE Virus Protection
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FREE broken links finder
SEO Optimization
Optimized for SEO
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FREE Uptime Monitoring
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FREE SSL Security

Lets Get Right To It!

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First of all, let's talk about how much all of this would cost you if you purchased it separately. If you had to find the right person or company who would have the best products, create your website for you and then hand you an invoice at the end, what would that look like to you? If you don't believe the prices I am using below, please take your time and go do the research for everything yourself. You will be a believer after you finish! Having a website is pretty much like having an old Yellow Pages ad. It will let everyone know that you have a business, what you offer, times you are open and how to get in touch with you. AT&T pretty much controlled all of these ads, but now you have the freedom to control your own exposure, with your new website! I am going to break it down for you below:

  • A responsive website designed for a mechanics shop. With all the right stuff. Approximately: $1500 to $2500
  • Changes to your website. Hourly rates for a good web designer run approximately $75 to $100 an hour.
  • Website Hosting charges. If you knew how to setup hosting, it would run approximately: $3 to $15 per month.
  • Secure Cloud Backup and Restore. Dropbox charges approximately: $99 a year for 1 TB of storage.
  • Broken Link checker. Companies I have found usually charge approximately: $5 to $8 per month.
  • Performance Enhancement Software. Software to increase the performance of your website. Approximately: $99 per year.
  • Uptime monitoring companies usually charge approximately: $5 to $9 per month.
  • A good SSL certificate can be purchase through your hosting provider at approximately: $30 per year.


Website Expense: $2500 to $3000

Monthly Expense: $15 per month or $180 / Yr.

Yearly Expense: $230 / Yr.

Expensive, Right?

We aren't $3000
We aren't $2000
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Although, it is an AWESOME deal at $1000 per year! We aren't even that much. Are you ready for this?

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$599.95 per year!

~ OR ~

$50 per Month!

Sign Me Up!

It is an AWESOME Deal! We are NOT a high pressure sales company. We just have a desire to help small auto mechanics businesses have an awesome website. If you decide not to take part in our offer today, it will remain open, so please come back if you change your mind. Just remember though.. If you wait, you might possibly loose a potential customer! We also don't have one of those counters that is counting down to put you under pressure to hurry up and do the deal! Butttt.... With the way technology is ever changing, I can not guarantee this price will remain the same in the future. Either way you decide to go, it is our wish that you are very successful in all your ventures!

* Condition with limits