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S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Search Engine Land says that S.E.O is: Technology that is used as a process for getting traffic (People searching the web is called "Traffic") to your website from free, organic, or natural searches performed by individuals. All major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo display search results to an individual, where the web pages and other content like videos & pictures are shown to that individual based on what that Search Engine considers to be relevant to that particular individual. Below is a video from Search Engine Land which should explain this concept in greater detail.

S.E.O. is extremely important if you want to rank really high in someone's search results. Remember that when someone searches, the major Search Engines (Google, BING, Yahoo) display content to that person by how relevant the Search Engine thinks it is for their particular search and by how much more relevant your website is compared to your competition. S.E.O. Optimization is included with your new website, but that is not all there is to SEO. We optimize your website to be relevant to being an Auto Mechanic business in your local city. This may be enough depending on your competition to rank you well, but not always. We have been doing S.E.O. for other companies for a long time now. So, I think we know what we are doing! Pricing for the rest of what is required in S.E.O. depends on how hard it will be to get your website towards the top of that particular keyword search. We have decided to give each person who purchases a website from us a special price on SEO should they want the advantage of making sure they will rank high in the search queries.

Searches contain keywords. A "keyword" can be a single word like "Mechanics" or a phrase such as "Auto Mechanics in Denver Co". S.E.O. can be expensive. Just go type the key phrase "How much does SEO costs?" into Google and you will see that the average prices per month for getting ranked well are expensive! Search results vary from person to person. What is relevant to one person may not be that relevant to another. So you might get a completely different search result than I would get if we typed in the exact same thing. Our pricing is based on us doing many things to your website and the links so we can increase your relevance in a search to your keyword or key phrase. Although no company can guarantee a certain result, we think we are pretty good at getting those results! So, your new website will be optimized for your business of being an Auto Mechanic, but for expert assistance in getting ranked well, we charge an additional fee to include you in the many directories and Aggregators that will be required to move forward with ranking well in search. Excited to get started? We are excited to help make your business an awesome presence on the web! Click on the button below to finish getting signed up for your new website!

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